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Kameyab Imports, Inc.
6000 Alameda Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113
Phone (505) 821-6217
Fax (505) 821-6220
Assorted Freeform Matching Stone Sets
Please review our assorted selections of freeform matching stone sets. Each set comes with five (5) pairs of matching stones. Sizes and shapes vary, but each stone in the matching sets ranges in approximate size from 12mm X 16mm to 16mm X 22mm.

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Spiney Oyster Blue Quartz Larimar Serpentine Red Jasper
Blue Chalcedony Bronzite Denim Lapis Carnelian Fossilized Coral
Bronzite Ocean Jasper Sponge/Apple Coral Chrysocola Charoite
Lapis Pink Opal Sugilite Yellow Opal Chrysoprase
Pietersite Mookaite Blue Peruvian Opal Yellow Turquoise Peanut Wood
Mexican Agate Stekhtite
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